Red Bull Lime Edition

Category Energy Drinks
Region Germany

Product Description

The Lime Edition of Red Bull has no sugar, which vitalises body and mind with its high-quality ingredients. Its limeade flavour combines sucralose, carbonated water, citric acid, and other artificial flavours that are added to give perfect limeade taste. Red Bull Lime Edition Sugarfree is a little tangy to match the taste of top athletes, college students and travellers. This product is appreciated worldwide for being reasonably sweet without sugar. However, what makes it more attractive that it comes in a 100% recyclable aluminum tin, which can be recycled repeatedly with no loss of quality. What’s inside the can makes it overall an exciting offer for Red Bull consumers. The limeade by Red Bull is a rich blend of essential micronutrients that contribute to normal body functions. It has B-group vitamins, taurine, caffeine that helps to improve the metabolism and biological processes in the human body. Add this to your cart now!