Red Bull Lime Sugar Free

Category Energy Drinks
Region Germany

Product Description

Are you a fan of chilled lemonade? If yes, then try drinking an icy cold drink with the delicious Red Bull Lime Sugarfree edition. Like the other variants of Red Bull, the Lime Sugarfree Edition has the same buzz to keep your energy levels intact. The caffeine in this drink (80 mg in 8.4 FL OZ and 114 mg in 12 FL OZ) stimulates your cognitive function. What makes it different than other energy drinks in the market is the presence of FDA approved high-quality ingredients, such as taurine and B-group vitamins – all playing vital roles in biological processes. Sugar is replaced with sucralose and Acesulfame K to keep the calorie count in check. So whenever you crave for a lime-based energy drink, order Red Bull Lime Sugarfree from HamsaGetranke.