Red Bull Peach-Nectarine

Category Energy Drinks
Region Germany

Product Description

Revitalise your body and mind with the Red Bull Peach Edition. Not to be confused with the Red Bull Red Edition, this one offers a highly relishing experience to the taste buds of Red Bull lovers. It is loaded with a strong flavour of ripest peaches and nectarines in a cloudy-white appearance. Like all the regular Red Bull flavours, each can of the Peach Edition stores high-quality ingredients including B-group vitamins and taurine. All the ingredients are safe to consume and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). An 8.4 FL OZ of the peachy craziness has 80 mg of caffeine and 27 g of sugar. So, whenever you feel down, buy the Red Bull Peach Edition from HamsaGetranke and get some wings.