Red Bull Yellow Edition | Tropical Fruit

Category Energy Drinks
Region Germany

Product Description

If you are more into tropical fruits, then the Red Bull Yellow Edition is perfect for you. The Red Bull Yellow Edition, previously the Summer Edition/Tropical Edition, is a treat for Red Bull lovers. It comes in an 8.4 FL OZ (250 ml) or 12 FL OZ (355 ml) bright yellow comes with a raging bull wrapping. The Yellow Edition has the awesomeness of exotic tropical fruits and the freshness of Orange all packed in a single container. As the leading energy drink brand in the world, the Red Bull Yellow Edition is made of B-group vitamins, taurine, caffeine and sugar. The 250 ml can have 80 mg of caffeine and 27 g of sugar while the 355ml variant has 114mg caffeine and 39g of sugar.